It’s been over 2-years since CFNE officially expanded into New York State and rebranded into the Cooperative Fund of the Northeast. Since then, we’ve been evolving the way we do business. In early 2023, staff and board worked together to codify, define, and articulate CFNE’s organizational values. Overall, we value justice, and our stated values are a reflection of that. 

CFNE values:

…the way YOU co-op, because we embrace the varied experiences that pave the way for a more cooperative future

…meeting people where they are, because we know that people often start or join co-ops as a way to overcome barriers to access

…long-term relationships, because Over the course of time, it’s our combined information, resources, and efforts that build and sustain a thriving co-op development ecosystem that resists exclusion and extraction

…durability, because we want cooperatives to be around for a long time providing solutions to people who need them and we want to be around to support those solutions

…commitments, because our work with communities is rooted in trust building

These values guide the way we make decisions and how we operate as a team working toward a common vision of economic justice for all through thriving cooperative enterprises. As we continue to evolve toward the future, we invite you to stay connected.

CFNE in Maine at the semi-annual Staff Retreat