Co-Op Connections

Connect with our Co-op Community

CFNE is only one player in a larger ecosystem of co-op interested service providers. Depending on your needs, we can connect you to our regional and national partners who can provide additional support.

We may also be able to help identify sources of funding to offset the cost of training and consulting services.

The Coop Cnxn

The Coop Cnxn is an online learning community for the Co-op curious.

We currently meet on the 3rd Tuesday of the month at 10:30 am EST and we have a Facebook and LinkedIn group for members to share their ideas and engage with each other, beyond our planned monthly session.

By joining the Co-op Connection Community, you’ll get plenty of unique opportunities to build relationships and self-organize with other committed co-operators to meet your shared needs and aspirations.

To learn more, contact | 347-628-2836

Other Co-op Connections

We’ve also compiled a list of other Co-op associations & peer support groups who may be able to support you on your journey. These are groups in our ecosystem. Not all of them will be the right fit for your project. We encourage you to reach out to a few to find the one that best meets your needs.