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CFNE is a community loan fund that lends to cooperative businesses in New England and New York State. We believe economic justice is attainable through the support and growth of cooperative enterprises that solve problems for its owners and the communities they operate in.

What do you want to do?

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Don’t see what you want to do listed here? Reach out anyway. Your conversation could be the start of our next product or program to support current and future cooperators. And if what we can do doesn’t meet your needs, we have relationships with other lenders and developers that may be able to help.

We have money and want to get it to you in a way that’s helpful, not harmful. For that reason, our lending process always begins with YOU meeting with a Loan Officer that works in your area so we can guide you toward what financial products makes the most sense for your co-op.


Financial Products for Cooperatives

We specialize in getting low-income and disenfranchised communities the money they need to launch and grow cooperatively led and managed businesses.

CFNE's 2 major product categories

Lending to low-income white communities has been our strength for the majority of our existence, and in 2019 we made a commitment to get better at lending to people of color. Since then, we’ve launched two new financing services that we developed through conversations with Black and Brown communities — the Co-op Launch Loan and ELF, or equity-like financing. 

Get in touch with a Loan Officer in your area to learn more and see which product might work for you.


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