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Who Invests in CFNE

Individuals and family trusts account for over half of our investor mix. In addition, CFNE has always had strong support from the faith-based community and socially responsible investment sector.

Take a look at our most recent annual report, which provides an updated list of institutional investors.

Increasingly, cooperatives themselves are becoming CFNE investors as well as borrowers. Co-op investors in CFNE include CERO, Dorchester Community Food Co-op, Gardiner Food Co-op, Good Tern Co-op, Hunger Mountain Food Coop, City Market/Onion River Coop, Portland Food Co-op, Putney Food Co-op, River Valley Food Co-op, and Urban Greens Food Co-op.

Read below to hear, in the words of our supporters, why they invest in CFNE.

I like the fact that [CFNE is] putting capital into the hands of people who don’t usually have access to it, and that the money is supporting community building and the formation of more cooperative businesses.

Ron Miller, Investor since 2005

 I think the longevity of CFNE’s work feels really powerful. They’ve proven their ability to grow and remain a solid resource for the cooperative movement. That really excites me, as does seeing their willingness to shift and grow even amidst that longevity. 

Nadav David, Investor since 2020

I first invested in CFNE because I believe in co-ops. I believe in the kind of democratic, engaged, participatory decision-making and adaptability that co-ops offer, and their responsiveness to actual needs.

Sarah Meredith, Investor since 2002

When I moved back home to New England, I knew I wanted to make investments here too. Someone referred me to CFNE and it was a natural fit: an investment close to home that aligned with my values. 

Leah Pillsbury, Investor since 2021