…That CFNE has been going through some changes lately?

A global pandemic may not seem like the easiest time for strategic thinking. But the pandemic’s disparate impacts on Black and brown communities, women, and service sector workers compelled our Board and staff to create an ambitious roadmap for the next three years and beyond. The urgency of the moment encouraged us to be bold. Our new strategic plan draws inspiration from the movement for racial justice as well as the incredible humanity and resiliency of our region’s cooperatives through the toughest of situations.


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“We are so thankful to CFNE for their support, not only in working diligently with us through the loan application process, but for carefully and thoughtfully giving us the tools to lay the foundation for our start up. We would not have been able to produce a vintage this season had it not been for their amazing resources and meticulous project management!”
Justine Belle Lambright,
Co-Founder, Director of External Business
Kalchē Wine Cooperative

As a non-profit we depend on donations to support our special programs, particularly technical assistance and co-op development that strengthen resiliency and build the co-op ecosystem in BIPOC communities. While earned interest on loans covers our core operations, we couldn’t do that work without your contribution.

In the coming year, your donation will help us double down on innovative programs designed to address racial inequity, like the Participatory Management Initiative, the Co-op Community Connection, bilingual webinars in English and Spanish, and grants to BIPOC-led co-ops.

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