In this edition, we are pleased to introduce our new Board and staff members. Amethyst Carey and Kim Lyle have joined our Board, and Josie Shagwert has joined our staff as Administrative Manager. We welcome them and look forward to a lot of co-operation. Also in this edition, learn about work we've been doing to support creative responses to Covid-19 in the region's co-op sector. This year through August, we approved over $3 million to 20 borrowers, including 16 new loans for start-ups, predevelopment, conversions to worker ownership, and expansion of existing co-ops, as well as some emergency relief loans and modifications to assist borrowers suffering from pandemic-related closures. We highlight some of the new borrowers we are proud to be supporting, including The Boston Cleaning Collective, Sankofa Cafe (Bridgeport, CT), Mainer News, Tootie's Tempeh and other exciting new and continuing co-ops. As our investor Nadav David writes in the newsletter, CFNE plays an important role in building a solidarity economy that redirects resources and decision-making power away from corporations and Wall Street to workers and communities. Thanks as always for reading, and for your support!